Flooding Concerns are on the Rise!

Flooding Concerns are on the Rise!

With several opportunities for rain in the 7 day, flooding concerns continue to climb as rivers continue to rise. 

Rain chances will wrap up for Wednesday by mid-day, ahead of overnight freezing rain/sleet/snow/rain into the Thursday morning First Alert! 

Wednesday into Thursday will add 1 - 1.5" of more rain into the area with even more rainfall ahead this weekend!

Additional rainfall Friday, Saturday and Sunday will add up to 2 - 3 total inches of accumulation now through Sunday night. 

Several flood warnings has been issued for local rivers, along with hydrological predictions that could place some local rivers in the Minor, Moderate and Major Flooding stages as early as Friday! 

When the concern for flooding arrives, all eyes look down toward Findlay and the Blanchard river. Good news for Findlay, there are no current concerns for even minor flooding of the Blanchard near Findlay.

Minor flood is already occurring in the Maumee River, and is expected to continue, especially near Defiance.

More severe flooding is expected for St. Joseph and Tiffin Rivers by Friday and Saturday. The city of Stryker will likely see flowing water well above the bounds of the river, into surrounding low-lying fields. 

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