High schoolers prep for big robotics competition

High schoolers prep for big robotics competition

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A group of engineering students in Toledo are gearing up for a big competition next month that could take them all the way to the world championships in Detroit. At Toledo Technology Academy, students are using days off, like Monday, to get ready.

"We had many problems, we still do and we're still working on it," Drew Lehman, a Junior at Toledo Technology Academy said.

After 42 days and hundreds of hours these kids are ready to put their skills to the test.

The group is only a couple of weeks away from their first round of competitions. They will be heading to Dayton in March to compete against dozens of other teams.

For them, it is all about teamwork.

"We feel very comfortable that we have a good robot this year, but it all depends on who you get paired with," Dale Price, an instructor at Toledo Technology Academy said.

"We all do our own parts and then we all come together for the final product," Lehman explained.

The goal is to have the robot pick up milk crates covered in nylon wrappers, shove them through a slot in the wall, d rop them on an object that the team calls a "switch" and then put those crates on a scale.

It is all based on how many milk crates are placed in or on the appropriate locations and for how long.

The school last won the big championship in 2001 at Epcot in Florida. In 2014, the team took second place at the state competition. Now, they have their eye set on the banner and trophy for this year.

In addition to students, several mentors and parents helped out as well. The school would like to thank Dana Corporation and Toledo Public Schools for helping to make this possible.

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