Local builder wants to help Slaske clients whose homes weren't finished

Local builder wants to help Slaske clients whose homes weren't finished

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Last week, WTOL 11 discovered that the Slaske Building Company went under and closed up shop, leaving several customers with unfinished homes.

Now a builder in Perrysburg says he wants to help customers finish the homes of their dreams.

Jeremey Redfox owns Redfox Custom Homes. He's a tile layer by trade and has owned a successful tile business for 20 years. About three years ago, he launched his home building company. Redfox says,

"I've been wanting to build houses since I was, you know, young,"  said Redfox,

So with that, he knows how it feels to have a dream come true and he works closely with his customers as they trust him to bring the details of their dream home to reality.

That's why when Redfox found out Slaske Building Company went out of business and several projects were left unfinished, he wanted to help.

"You know, a lot of people, they save their whole lives to build a home and then they turn around and have a miserable experience while they're doing it," said Redfox.

Redfox adds that he just wants to see these folks get into their homes as planned and can help finish what's left on the existing projects.

"We can kinda pick up the pieces where Slaske left off," he said.

Anyone interested in building a home with Redfox Custom homes can find out more information here.

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