'Slime after Slime’ parody video is every parents’ life right now

FOX19 - If you're kids are in school and following millions of YouTube tutorials – you already know. SLIME.

The Holderness family from North Carolina will stick you right in the feels with their new parody video 'Slime after Slime.'

In their latest viral hit, the family satires "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper, narrating slime horrors every parent is dealing with.

The video breaks down the emotional turmoil parents go through dealing with the process of slime-making.

"And our home is now like a meth lab for kids… slime after slime," the father, Penn sings.

The comments on their Facebook post, which has more than two million views, share the thoughts all parents have with the trend they hope to soon fade away.

This all too relatable song will now be stuck in your head… all day. But it's like they say, 'slime flies when you're having fun!'

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