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Oregon police stay up-to-date on training following multiple officer deaths

Asst. Chief Paul Magdich (Source: WTOL) Asst. Chief Paul Magdich (Source: WTOL)

Two months into 2018, 14 police officers have been killed in the line of duty. 

Of those deaths, 11 have involved guns. 

Those chilling numbers are forcing police divisions to update their training. 

Oregon Assistant Chief Paul Magdich said they have specific officers to help the force stay up-to-date on tactics and skills they use on a daily basis. 

"We have several officers on the department that are subject matter experts in the field in those particular areas. We rely on them to be up on the most current trends to work with us to give us the best tactics possible for us to have the best outcome that we can," said Asst. Chief Magdich. 

The department is also implementing new tactics that will help officers respond to dangerous situations. 

Oregon police are also looking to hire three new officers to the force.

Many police departments around the country are having a difficult time finding qualified officers to fill positions. Magdich says the Oregon Police Department holds candidates to high standards.

"Obviously all police departments are looking for the best possible candidates we can get. We want people that are physically fit, we want people that are confident. We want people that are going to make good decisions in a critical situation," Magdich said.

Anyone interested in applying can visit the police department's web page on the city of Oregon website.

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