Local building industry booming due to low construction interest rates

Local building industry booming due to low construction interest rates

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They like to say your dreams can come true at the Home and House Show.

There was no disagreement this weekend at the SeaGate Convention Centre on that dream house.

"A house on the ocean," said Maureen Thebes.

Sandy Roback agreed.

"It's on the water," said Sandy.

The Home Builders Association of Greater Toledo says business is booming and expects to see steady growth because of low construction interest rates.

There could be hikes in the coming year.

Folks are coming to contractors now to get locked in before rates jump.

Then there's a recent jolt in consumer confidence.

"I think the stock market is doing really well. People, when they see their portfolio is solid and strong it opens up the door to say, 'I feel more comfortable in going out and purchasing a new house,'" said Josh Doyle of the association.

One of the biggest trends at this year's show is the smart home.

You can control everything inside with an IPad or phone app.

Everything is programmed into a closet-sized console.

You can control your thermostat, appliances, lighting and security systems, wifi or garage door.

Cost of this begins at $1000.

"I like to say it adds value to your home so whatever you spend with us you're going to get back even more because the work is done. The wow factor is there. It's done for you," said Ben Remer of Design Entertainment.

A smart idea for folks building on their future.

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