Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: February 15,2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The race for the U.S. Senate from Ohio is a hot topic right now.

The seat currently held by Democrat Sherrod Brown and he runs to retain it. But on the republican side, there are many candidates. You met one last week, Congressman Jim Renacci.

We sit down with Mike Gibbons of Cleveland, another successful "self-made" businessman seeking the GOP nod in May. He actually supported his now-rival Renacci when the latter was running for Governor.

We asked Gibbons what brought him to this place, this race, right now.

It's being called "TAWA," the acronym for Toledo Area Water Authority.

Recently nine local entities signed a memorandum of understanding to create the water authority. Will our region, at long last, finally have a regional water system?

Serious discussion and all-important votes are taking place right now.

The man who has spear-headed that uphill effort for a couple of decades, Mayor of Sylvania Craig Stough, sits down with us to explain what is next for TAWA.

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