Sister of Florida shooting victim getting help locally

Sister of Florida shooting victim getting help locally

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - The tragic school shooting this week in Florida hit close to home for many of us here in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Local Bedford High School teacher and gymnastics coach, Natalie Hixon, is the sister of Chris Hixon, who risked his life protecting others from the gunman, and later passed away in surgery.

Chris was the school's athletic director, a coach, a Navy reservist, and a true hero who showed his character by stepping up to save as many students as he could.

A single mom of three, Natalie still went to work at both of her jobs through the end of the week. In order to spend time and mourn with family, the reality is, bills are going to add up quickly.

A Go Fund Me Page has been set up by her local gymnastics family to help with her travel expenses.

Melissa Miller is the owner of Michael's Legacy Gymnastics and a fellow coach with Natalie.

"It gave me chills because we have a competition this weekend, and her and her two girls are going to be there. They're going to leave immediately after to go to Florida," said Miller."So, in spite of everything going on, she's not holding them back and she's still moving on in spite of all the evil that's going on in the world."

James Stewart and his wife Kristy started the Go Fund Me page. They described Natalie as the kind of person who would never do something like this for herself.

They've beenin awe of how the community has already come forward to help.

"If you can't give money, but you can share the page, that is helping too. You don't have to have money to help." James said emotionally.

The goal of the Go Fund Me is to raise enough money for the trip south without the added financial stress. Anyone interested in donating to Natalie can so here.

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