Waterville primary takes part in intruder safety drill

Waterville primary takes part in intruder safety drill

WATERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - An elementary school in Waterville is making sure students, faculty and staff know what to do in the case of an intruder.

Friday morning Waterville Primary School took part in an intelligent escape drill along with police and fire crews.

The drill at Waterville primary school was scheduled before the school shooting in Florida. Staff said that tragic event, further reinforces the importance of practicing safety plans.

"Even though they can make us all feel nervous and upset and anxious," said Jamie Hollinger, Waterville Primary School's Principal.

Teachers first talk with the Pre-K through Fourth grade students about what it means to be prepared.

"In so many ways we ask them to follow our directions and do exactly what we say, but in a certain type of emergency situation they may need to run form our building into safety," said Hollinger.

The school's intelligent escape drill lasted about five minutes. Students heard an announcement over the intercom and were led to safety by staff. A teacher played the role of the intruder.

"We make sure we have a teacher just in case a class would be exiting and see the person who was playing that role so that our students aren't caught off guard or feeling nervous and are understanding that these are just practice situations," Hollinger said.

Police and fire crews were also at the school to take part in the drill.

"Unfortunately Columbine was one of those places where we learned that you don't set up and you don't wait for SWAT," said Lieutenant Larry Albright with the Waterville Police Department

The school district uses methods associated with ALICE training and homeland security requirements. It says it's main priority is to keep students, faculty and staff safe at all times.

"There are certain drills that are required to be done monthly and there are other drills that are required to be done so many times throughout the year."

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