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Anna the comfort dog heads to Parkland to comfort shooting victims


She was called upon before, going to Las Vegas after the mass shooting in October. And just last month, she went to comfort victims of a deadly school shooting in Benton, Kentucky.

Now, Anna the comfort dog, from South Toledo's Trinity Lutheran Church, is on her way to Parkland, Florida.

On Thursday night, WTOL caught up with Anna and her handlers, Nancy and Mack Borders. They were leaving for the long drive down to South Florida and expect to arrive on Saturday.

Anna is expected to meet with survivors in the hospital and first responders.

“What we really hope is to bring some compassion to that community, to show them that there is actually more good in the world than there is evil,” said Nancy Borders. She added, “They're in our prayers, that we're there to help make them smile for a few minutes and let them cry on the dogs if they need to.”

Anna, a English cream Golden Retriever, is now 3 and a half years old. She and the Borders will be in Parkland until Friday of next week.

A total of 18 comfort dogs from Lutheran Church Charities will be arriving from ten states to help the Parkland community.

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