Toledo hospitals always prepared for trauma situations

Toledo hospitals always prepared for trauma situations

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Here in Toledo our hospitals prepare for mass shooting events like the one in Parkland Florida. We're surrounded by three "level one" trauma centers who are ready for the worst at any moment.

Dr. Brian Kaminski is an Emergency doctor at ProMedica's Toledo Hospital. He actually had medical training near Broward County Florida and was in three of the hospitals where patients were sent after the school shooting.

"It was really suprising to me you know I started to think backwards on my time there and kind of wondered how everyone was handling that," said Dr. Brian Kaminaki, ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

"Regardless of whether or not you're a care provider and you take care of sick and injured people all the time something like that with that level of impact with children it is a very emotional situation."

Despite his heartbreak from the horrific events, Dr. Kaminski,an ER doctor here in Toledo, said they prepare for these situations.

"Seeing things like this happen across the county, you almost come into this false sense of security like it could never happen in your backyard, but it really could," said Dr. Kaminski. "I hope it never does happen in the Toledo area, but we do have resources and we would work through it just like they did the Broward County."

Promedica's Toledo Hospital, Mercy Saint Vincents and UTMC are all level one trauma centers. They see trauma patients on a regular basis, at Toledo Hospital close to a thousand trauma patients a year.

Hospital staff also have mass casualty drills like the Toledo Fire recruits. During a situation, local EMS officials would work together with all three hospitals in a large scale trauma situation so no one facility is over taxed.

"Once the patient arrives the priority is providing medical care within the golden hours," said Dr. Kaminski. "The golden hour is the timeframe that you can actually make a big difference in somebody that potentially has a life threatening injury.

While hospitals like ProMedica's prepare for these mass casualty situations they hope their medical and social services aren't needed for a tragedy like what happened in Florida Thursday.