Family credits social media in finding missing man

Family credits social media in finding missing man

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Devils Lake, Michigan family is feeling pretty thankful. "We're so glad that you're safe," says Michele Henson. She and her husband John have had a week to process the major ordeal their family experienced.

Last Wednesday evening, John went outside to play with the dogs. Michele was minutes to follow after finishing the dishes, but when she got outside, John and the dogs were gone and so was the family's Jeep.

"I was frightened for other people on the road. John hadn't driven in six months. He has limited vision. He has no memory. He has no sense of direction," said Michele Henson. "You see, John suffered a stroke last year that hit in the processing center of his brain."

Michele accidentally left the car keys in her coat pocket and John had taken them. "We searched every back road for a 30 mile radius," said Michele.

Turns out, John was on I-75 headed to Florida planning to visit family.

Police suggested Michele put out a call on Facebook.

"I think by the time WTOL put the story on, we had about 2,000 shares. Within minutes or maybe an hour, we had 6,000 shares," Michele explained.

Michele's friend saw the post on Facebook and happened to be on I-75 when she saw the same Jeep that John was driving, on the side of the road. John had run out of gas in Middletown, just north of Cincinnati.

He left the dogs in the car and walked about a half mile to an industrial park, where he was found.

Soon the whole family was reunited, including the dogs.

Both John and Michele are thankful that so many people cared enough to share the post.

"So many tragic things could have happened, but they didn't, thanks to all the people who helped us, supported us, sent prayers," said Michele.

All because of a simple "share" of a social media post, thousands of times over.

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