February Thaw Continues!

February Thaw Continues!

Enjoy the nice "Spring Preview" as winter is on break this week and possibly through the end of February! Highs today are into the 50s for most.  There will be a brief cool down Friday and Saturday, before another surge toward even warmer weather as highs will soar back into the 50s Monday and Tuesday! It is even possible a few areas see 60 degrees.

Many ask, is Winter over? In short, no.  However, harsh winter days and long winter weeks are numbered.  The overall pattern the next two weeks will favor a ridge over the Southeast United States.  This will favor a very mild/warm pattern over the eastern United States.

See some of our "model" data that suggest very warm weather continues through the end of February with highs well above average all next week too!

The downside to this is rain, steady and soaking will become more likely in this pattern.  Our eye will be on a greater flood and ice jam threat early next week with a higher than average threat of late winter flooding.

So why isn't winter over? We all know, March will bring at least a taste of winter and certainly some snow back.  I have my eye toward the first 7-10 day of March to bring another brief cold snap.  Enjoy the mild February weather ahead and know that winter days are numbered!

Meteorologist Chris Vickers

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