Pothole repair plans during warm up

Pothole repair plans during warm up

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With the sun shining and temperatures a little warmer, city crews were out filling some potholes.

Crews were repairing Manhattan Boulevard headed East toward Summit Street.

13 crews were out Wednesday all over the city to fix nearly 400 holes that have been reported through Engage Toledo.

Crews are sent out to the larger orange barrel holes first and they fill whatever they see on that stretch of road.

"If you look at the piece of my car that's fallen down because of the potholes, I'll be glad that they get it all fixed so we don't keep losing stuff," Polish Village resident Roger Siegworth said. 

Sharon Davenport works at the American Legion post on Manhattan Boulevard and is grateful that city crews were hard at work Wednesday.

"It's good to see the city taxes being put to work," Davenport said. "Especially on Manhattan where we have our post, our American Legion post, and it really makes a difference for people to get here without ruining their cars."

These hardworking men and women are Toledo residents who have the same concerns that we do. They are on 10 hour shifts during the daylight hours from now through at least Saturday, as long as the weather is good.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has a team that patrols during these freeze-thaw cycles that was out Wednesday as well, although regionally, they had far less work to do.

"If the weather stays the way it is, maybe we can take advantage and get an asphalt plant open earlier for us. But, if not, we're going to try hard with the material we have and try and get as many of those potholes done as we can as quick as we can," Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Commissioner for the City of Toledo's Streets, Bridges and Harbor division said. "We're definitely going back and refilling. There's a lot of them on the trail. That has been a little bit of  mess this year that we know have popped out again and we've been back there already. We still have a lot more towards the zoo and there's a lot of bad areas out farther by Copeland and that area that way that have been troublesome for us."

Taking advantage of the warmer weather, the city will also be picking up hopefully what is left of the leaves this weekend.

After leaf removal is complete, they will send out sweeper trucks to help clean up the rest.

If you have a pothole to report, call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020.

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