UAW and Dana come to an agreement to move forward with

UAW and Dana come to an agreement to move forward with

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For more than eight hours Tuesday, starting at 4 a.m., hundreds of people including current Dana employees, current United Auto Workers members and even supporters from other unions made their voices heard.

"We were able to achieve recognition for these workers," said Rich Rankin, director of Region 2B of the UAW. "Our members the workers in the plant, the community all came together and we were able to achieve this."

This means, there were enough Dana employees who put in writing that they wanted representation by the UAW.

This plant isn't currently under a contract with any local unions, which is rare for workers in the local auto industry.

"But this is a place where the UAW belongs," said Pete Gerken, (D) Lucas County Commissioner and 30-year retiree from the UAW. "This is a jeep plant this is our history here. They should represent these people."

For some Dana employees who called off on Tuesday to stand out front and picket for their rights to organize, they said they'll feel more confident going back into work now.

"You know I've got a sense of security now" said Shane Ware, employee at the Dana Toledo Driveline Plant in Central Toledo. "You know in the weeks to come we're going to start getting a little more structured. People can start getting some days off."

The next step, the UAW will sit down with Dana to agree on a contract.

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