Tension in Perrysburg over recent prosecutor replacement

Tension in Perrysburg over recent prosecutor replacement

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - There is tension in Perrysburg between the mayor's office and some members of city council. This comes after the city's prosecutor decided to leave the job ahead of retirement and now the two sides are in disagreement over the new replacement.

Council members last week voted 4 to 3 against hiring the replacement prosecutor, Chyna Fifer, a Wood County public defender.

But Fifer was hired anyway, and now council has questions.

Jim Matuszak, Perrysburg City Council President, said the city is functioning the way it's supposed to function right now, despite all the recent tension.

"City council is doing a job that it is supposed to and if it seems like there's a lack of cooperation between the two branches..there is a a lack of communication but city council has asked numerous questions about the process and about the candidate," Matuszak said.

The tension lies between some council members and the administration, specifically, the mayor and law director.

Last week, Chyna Fifer was recommended to take on the role of acting prosecutor, but council members voted  4 to 3 against hiring her for the job. She was hired anyway.

"Council apparently decided not to approve of this recommendation and rather than ask us if we would approve a second choice or to talk to us about it they, in my estimation, severely overreacted to it and caught us all off guard," Matuszak added.

Matuszak said the administration then fired a republican assistant prosecutor. He added that there are many unknowns, and questions he and other council
members are left with.

" None of it makes sense," he said. "So all we're trying to do is get the truth."

In an email, Mayor Tom Mackin said:

"Council was given notice of recommendation a week before the council meeting and given information in support 5 days before."

But Matusazk said council did raise concerns about the replacement and now all he and his members want are answers.

WTOL 11 stopped by the Perrysburg Municipal building Wednesday and was told the law director was in a meeting and that the mayor was not available at the moment.

In an email, Mayor Mackin did say that Fifer is qualified to be the next prosecutor and that the law director recommended her to which he agreed.

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