Several couples in Lucas Co. celebrated Valentine's Day by tying the knot

Several couples in Lucas Co. celebrated Valentine's Day by tying the knot

Cupid's arrow pierced the hearts of many who decided to commit their love to each other on Valentine's Day this year. Several couples chose the day for love as the beginning of their forever at the Lucas County Courthouse.

After three years of courtship, Francis Niedziels is apart of the many couples that decided that Wednesday was the day to say "I Do," and Niedziels said it to his girlfriend of three years, Pauleen.

"It's Valentine's Day and it's a good day and it wont be easy to forget. For guys that's a good thing so you don't forget your anniversary," Niedziels said.

Many couples for many different reasons chose Valentines day to mark the beginning of forever.  Including this couple who made the trip from Detroit to Lucas County

Brenda, whose last name is now Sharpe, still getting use to her new legal name just moments after exchanging vows with Alfonzo.

Getting a marriage license or getting married on the love holiday at the courthouse in Lucas County, is not as popular as it once was. Back in 1998 over 150 people got their license on Valentine's Day. Staff was hoping around to license  around 30 by days end on Wednesday.

But it turned out that Valentine's Day this year was busier then the average day, with most couples getting a license for their first marriage each.

Buffie Beasley, with the Lucas County Courthouse helps issues marriage licenses. She joked and said you don't have to love love to be in the office, but it sure does help.

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