Neighbors learn corrective actions at hazardous waste site

Neighbors learn corrective actions at hazardous waste site

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - Correction measures are being presented to fix contamination from a hazardous waste plant in Oregon.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials were explaining what they recommend for the Envirosafe Services of Ohio Inc.

During a site wide investigation Envirosafe, a hazardous waste site, discovered the need for remedies after low concentrations of contaminates were found in the shallow groundwater about 15 to 20 feet down. To prevent further contamination the Ohio EPA is now seeking corrective action through a permit modification for the site.

"Periodically they will pull samples of the groundwater from various depths," said Dina Pierce, spokesperson for the Ohio EPA. "Do lab analysis to see what constituents are in the ground water and if those are harmful releases there, then we can propose some action to make sure that those don't impact the environment at large."

In addition to the monitoring wells, they proposed basic maintenance like recovering old waste cells at the plant or capping them, adding pumps to dispose of liquid waste also known as leachate recovery and storm water drain improvements among other improvements.

"You know, I'm just concerned about what's changing," said Michelle Soviar, a neighboring resident.

"This facility will be here forever," said Sandy Bihn, an Oregon City Council Member. "It's got millions and millions on ton of hazardous waste from everywhere in this country and it's something that needs to have monitoring in perpetuity literally."

Neighbors could learn more and ask questions of the proposed permit modifications during Tuesdays public information session and hearing.  Several questions surrounded the Toledo water intake lines that pass through the facility, but those are unaffected. Knowing that was the case was relieving for residents, but some say they will remain alert through the process.

"I think the safeguards that we put in place generally are working and that's good to hear and good to know," said Bihn.

"Just keeping an eye on it I guess and making sure that they are following the rules and pumping out the hazardous stuff and keeping it under control," said Michelle Soviar. "I guess we need to pay attention, I wish there were more people here."

Public comment on the project with remain open until February 23rd. Written comments can be sent or mailed to Ohio EPA, Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization, Attn. Chloe Mercier, DERR, P.O.Box 1049 Columbus, Ohio 43216 - 1049 or emailed to Chloe.Mercier@EPA.Ohio,gov.

After that, the Ohio EPA will answer questions and make a recommendation for their director before any action is taken.

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