Slippery sidewalks causing trouble for some

Slippery sidewalks causing trouble for some

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Slipping and falling on snow or ice covered sidewalks is something nobody wants to happen.

Have the sidewalks in your neck of the woods been cleared of snow? Are they supposed to be walk-able after winter storms?

For some residents, having clear paths is vital.

Whether you own a residential or a commercial property in the city of Toledo, the rule is, you have no later than 24 hours after the snow stops falling to clear the sidewalk in front of your property.

Those students who live within walking distance of schools, people waiting at bus stops and handicapped residents, just to name a few, rely on having safe walking paths where they do not have to risk falling.

South Toledo resident Brian Yarger is handicapped, as a result of a serious fall years ago, and takes issue with the icy sidewalks.

"Right here, the last time it snowed, the dog and I, my service dog and I actually slipped and fell, and that was the second time that I had called the city, and they were just changing over to the new Mayor then, and the new Mayor's been great, and his team's been great," Yarger said.

Yarger has been trekking through non shoveled sidewalks to get to the bus stop and also walk his service dog.

"There's traffic, foot traffic on these sidewalks through here, having to walk and slipping around through these commercial sidewalks and residential sidewalks not being cleared," Yarger explained.

In cases where the snow is not cleared within a reasonable amount of time, the city can issue fines starting at $75. For those unable to do so, the Snow Angels program through the YMCA may be able to connect you with a neighbor who is willing to help.

"We do have dozens of notices that have gone out so far and we continue to send them out. Actually, today we sent out a few because we received complaints through our Engage Toledo call center," Dennis Kennedy, Commissioner of the City of Toledo's Division of Code Enforcement said Tuesday.

Legal notice will be provided to the property owner, not the current tenant, through the mail if they are not in compliance with the law. Photo proof is also taken at the time the notice is issued.

If you would like to report a trouble spot, like Yarger has, you can contact Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020.

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