Toledo Clinic forms foundation to help patients financially

Toledo Clinic forms foundation to help patients financially

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Clinic has developed a new foundation to help ease patients' financial burdens. That non profit will help out cancer patients with food, utilities and rent.

The clinic started this group as a grassroots organization about five years ago. It has now taken the next step in officially creating a non profit to help those in need.

The Toledo Clinic Foundation is now looking for donations to help patients pay for life's necessities, such as food, utilities or housing. Right now, the foundation says it can only give patients about $200 at a time each year. It currently helps out about 30 people a year.

"We want to let more people be aware of our existence, not only for donations, but also some of our patients don't even know about it so the goal is to expand it so that they understand that we're here to help them, that we care for them multiple ways besides providing their care and that um hopefully it can expand into education and some other supportive things for our patients," Sue Mahoney-Stombaugh, Nurse Practitioner with Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers said.

The foundation is in the process of creating a volunteer board and also establishing an application process for people who need assistance.

There are certain criteria and guidelines for patients. You have to be receiving some type of cancer treatment and cannot request payments for health insurance or cable bills.

If you want to donate to the foundation, send your donation to: The Toledo Clinic Foundation 4235 Secor Road, Toledo, OH 43623. For more information or to ask questions, you can email or call 419-479-5998.

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