Money Talks News: Getting the best deal when renting

Money Talks News - Ever since the foreclosure crisis and great recession, many people who used to own homes instead joined the ranks of renters. All that demand has pushed rents up in many markets, but wherever you live, there are tips to get your rent for less.

Whether it is an apartment or a house, renting can make sense for many. What does not make sense is paying more rent that you have to.

First tip: Avoid the giant, corporate complexes and look instead for smaller places to rent where you can deal directly with the owner, or at least someone who can negotiate. There are apps that can help you find the smaller places to rent, too.

The next tip is to know the neighborhood that you are interested in renting in. If there is a cheaper place down the street from the place you want, ask the landlord to meet or beat the price.

Here is something important: Know what a perfect tenant looks like and try to resemble that person when preparing to rent.

Landlord Earl Lawrence was asked what landlords love.

"Someone who has a good credit score, someone who has stable employment, and also has longevity in terms of where they previously lived," Lawrence answered.

Show that landlord recommendations from previous landlords, tell them how handy you are and show them your perfect credit score. In short, prove to that landlord that you should pay less because you are worth more.

Step three: Have a savings strategy in mind to help with your rent payments. One month free, lower rent in exchange for a longer lease, a two bedroom for a one-bedroom price or lower rent in exchange for labor are some examples.

Previous landlords have said that they swapped lower rent for higher quality tenants. So, be impressive, know what you want and ask for it.

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