Lucas County Sheriff's Office addresses jail safety concerns

Lucas County Sheriff's Office addresses jail safety concerns

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Almost a week has passed since the Lucas County Commissioners and Sheriff's Office met with taxpayers about the new proposed location for the county jail.

During the meeting, leaders worked on addressing the concerns of neighbors.

One of the main issues was many constituents were worried about what happens when inmates are released from jail, fearing they will show up at homes or local businesses looking for money or a ride.

"Most of the time, people have already been in custody for a period of time, they want to get back to their lives, and assimilated back into the community. They're our neighbors friends and coworkers and just met unfortunate circumstances," said Captain. Richard Grove, Lucas County Sheriff's Office.

Capt. Grove has been with the Lucas County Sheriff's Office for more than 20 years. He said there have been very few times when someone hasn't had a ride when they are released from behind bars.

If they don't have a ride, officers said they do not let anyone they think is a threat out into the community.

"They'll utilize their phones and make those contacts, some people do take buses or call Uber or things like that," said Captain. Grove.

A&D Auto Parts sits on the corner of Alexis Road and Detroit Avenue, across the street from the proposed location.

The owner said they haven't made up their mind and are looking into what this could mean for the business.

Down the street from A&D Auto Parts on Alexis is Sidelines, one server there said she thinks this could be a good thing.

"I think crime is high with all of the clubs and stuff around in the area, I think it is going to be good, it could help our sales, and we are just going to grow from here," said Jessica, a server at Sidelines.

Some of the customers said this wouldn't make them think twice about still eating there.

Captain Grove said they'll have other agencies, like Toledo Police, helping them make sure the area is secure for places like Sidelines.

"Our own officers will have an outside security presence, patrol the perimeter which of course will have more police presence in the area and the local businesses, and then again, those local businesses still have the agencies which is the Toledo Police to patrol that area for them as well," said Captain Grove.

Other neighbors said no matter what the Sheriff's Office says, they are still concerned.

A levy supporting the jail is expected on the ballot in November.

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