Some residents do not want new jail built in their neck of the woods

Some residents do not want new jail built in their neck of the woods

POINT PLACE, OH (WTOL) - Toledoans recognize we need a new jail, but a lot of people who do not want it in their neighborhood.

For some residents in Point Place and west Toledo, an online petition started to try to take their potential site off the list.

Those who have signed the petition, say it does not make sense if you figure in the expense of transporting prisoners to the area, its proximity to local schools and how this might impact property values.

West Toledo resident Luke Cutlip explained why he is not in support of the location.

"I've got a little boy and I really don't want to raise him in a neighborhood where, you know, crime is on the rise, so hopefully I don't have to move, and hopefully I can stay put where I'm at and be happy, but we'll see what happens," Cutlip said. "I don't think anyone is excited at the idea of a jail coming to their neighborhood. It's not really anything that anyone looks forward to. If Lucas County had somewhere more rural, out in the country maybe that would be more ideal."

Those on the petition are taking issue with the fact that once criminals are released, there is no specific transportation to take them out of the area.

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office said inmates should already have rides set up by the time they're released, and that officers won't release anyone they believe is a threat to the community.

"Most of the time, people have already been in custody for a period of time. They want to get back to their lives and assimilated back into the community. They're our neighbors, friends and coworkers and just met unfortunate circumstances that brought them here," said Cpt. Richard Grove of the Lucas County Sheriff's Office.

A city representative says this issue is now in the hands of the county, but that those at the city, including Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz wants the jail to have minimal neighborhood impact.

A levy to fund the new jail will be on the November ballot.

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