Beware of Valentine's Day scams

Beware of Valentine's Day scams

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Valentine's Day and days leading up to it, are prime times for online scammers. You should be aware of those looking to take your money and other personal information.

The FBI said out of all the scams, romance scams take the most money from consumers.

If you're asked to loan someone cash to help him or her get to the states or, if someone falls in love with you too quickly, those are red flags.

"They have computer algorithms that send personal letters. They're send gifts sometimes they'll send you a little gift from Nigeria or from England or wherever they claim to be from they will use all kinds of phrasing it seems so sincere but again if you google that information you'll find all the bad guys use the same language," said Richard Eppstein the President of Better Business Bureau.

So remember, be careful about sharing personal information online and take time out to research those you're talking to.

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