Icy conditions cause increase in falls and accidents

Icy conditions cause increase in falls and accidents

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For many of us, stepping out of our houses lately has been like stepping onto the center ice of the Olympic ice skating rink, only without the skates and skill.

"I walk with a stick, a walking stick," Louise Daily, a west Toledo resident said.

One emergency room doctor at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center said people like Daily who have trouble with balance need to be extra careful.

"Unfortunately, the people who are most at risk are the elderly folks or people with impaired mobility and their bones may not be as strong as others," Dr. David Pike, Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center said.

Among our local Mercy Hospitals, the emergency rooms saw more than 40 people who fell as a result of the icy conditions from Friday to Sunday.

Dr. Pike says a lot of people will not come in right away after a fall either.

"Falling is one of the things, it's one of the leading causes of injury," Dr. Pike said. "We've already seen a handful maybe in the double digits today alone. So, it's heightened in the winter months but it happens year round."

For Daily, she has learned over the year that she can never be too careful.

"I look at the ground and I make sure that my feet are firm there, before I move on," Daily said.

Dr. Pike says making sure we are wearing shoes with good traction is important to prevent falls.

"Lots of upper extremities," Dr. Pike explained. "So elbow pain, hand pain, shoulder pain that kind of thing. Sometimes you have people who hit there head and maybe passed out."

ProMedica Toledo Hospital reported nearly 10 fall related injuries.

The Toledo Police Department reported 37 accidents from Saturday and Sunday, 11 of them injury accidents.

"Just to have that number over the weekend, it was significant," TPD Sergeant Kevan Toney said. "Just a reminder to people to slow down, take your time, if you don't have to be out and about let the crews get the roads clear, get them salted and just delay your trip a little bit."

Some local collision repair shops said they have not seen an increase of customers yet from the icy weekend, but they said it could take several days for people to deal with insurance companies.

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