4 applicants want to set up a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Fremont.

4 applicants want to set up a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Fremont.

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - One northwest Ohio city has a lot of chances to get a medicinal marijuana dispensary established in their community.

A total of four applications for medicinal marijuana dispensaries were filed with Fremont addresses. The density of applicants in this single small town seems odd, as there were only 370 applications filed state wide.

But, the state has said they will only issue one license to serve all of Sandusky, Seneca, and Ottawa counties. As a result, investors feel that establishing a dispensary in the center of those three counties, Fremont, makes the most logical choice.

And though four have applied, only one license will be issued.

Mayor Danny Sanchez said he is personally opposed to medicinal marijuana use, but he says since the state is moving forward, the city doesn't want to get left behind

"I believe that city council did their homework, educated themselves and felt that the city of Fremont would be able to benefit economically. And also we knew that this was going to happen throughout the state, regardless of how we voted as council," said Mayor Sanchez.

Mayor Sanchez said the decision on who gets their dispensary license is expected to come down within the next two to three months.

But because the states decision on manufacturing of medicinal marijuana was delayed, that could also mean a delay in the dispensary licenses as well.

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