Michigan lawmaker looks to eliminate state's no-fault auto insurance system

Michigan lawmaker looks to eliminate state's no-fault auto insurance system

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - A new report from The Zebra shows Michigan has the highest car insurance rates in the country.

The nation's leading search engine for auto insurance rates says unlike the other 11 states that operate under No-Fault insurance laws, Michigan allows for an unlimited amount of lifetime benefits, leading to an insane amount of medical fraud.

"I think what the price I pay for car insurance is outrageous," says Hayley Redfearn of Monroe. She says that monthly bill of $200 hurts.

"With my car payment plus my insurance, I'm paying more than I'm paying in rent," Redfearn explained.

A Michigan lawmaker is looking to shakeup the state's policy and in turn, bring down rates for drivers.

Representative Jason Sheppard of Temperance says Michigan drivers pay double what Ohioans pay in car insurance. He says that's why his bill, HIB-5517, is modeled after Ohio's law.

Sheppard says Colorado has bailed on the no-fault system and moved to a tort system, like Ohio. He says Florida is currently taking up similar legislation.

"The trend here is not other states matching what Michigan does, because they keep hearing we have the greatest insurance in the country, but they're getting away from what we do," Representative Sheppard said.

There is a bonus to a no-fault system. The Zebra says while you lose the ability to sue another driver, it also means that you don't have to wait for a lawsuit to be settled in order to be reimbursed for your medical expenses.

At this point Sheppard's bill has just been introduced. He is working to get a Committee Hearing set up and then hopefully to the House floor for a vote.

This is not the first time lawmakers have tried to rework the no-fault system, previous efforts have failed.

Sheppard says this route of completely scrapping the no-fault system and moving to a tort system is the right approach.

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