Honored guests shine bright during their special night

Honored guests shine bright during their special night

DEFIANCE, OH (WTOL) - A warm welcome on a cold night because it was their "Night to Shine" on Friday. It was an unforgettable prom night for people with special needs.

No detail was  missed in the ultimate prom experience, down to corsages and boutonnieres for each honored guest.

Not only was it special for the teens, but it was a sight some parents thought they would never have the chance to see.

"Never! I didn't think I'd ever get to see him in a tux so it's fantastic," said Cheryl Barrett of her son.

"It was pretty fun, getting dressed up, getting his hair ready, he handled it pretty well and he was looking forward to being with girls tonight so it's his first experience with that," said Scott Barrett.

More than 300 volunteers helped make this night happen at the Family Christian Center in Defiance.

Aimee Wulf a volunteer with Kaitlyn's Cottage, served as a buddy for one of her participants in Respet care.

"It's amazing! It's amazing to see a community come together and be part of such and amazing amazing event," Wulf said.

An amazing event that made others with special needs, like Wulf's buddy Travis Ellert, feel as if they can't wipe their grin off even if they tried.

"It means real nice to do," said Travis, trying to contain his excitement.  He planned to dance the whole night away.

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