Sylvania students trade books for shovels on day off

Sylvania students trade books for shovels on day off

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Many kids had the day off school around the area as snow piled up throughout the morning and early afternoon.

But, one superintendent is challenging his kids to pay it forward.

And they responded.

Sylvania Schools students were out shoveling their neighbor's driveways today.

Whether they were elderly or had to work, these students had shovels on their driveways.

Superintendent Dr, Adam Fineske says he got the idea from Swanton High School's principal, and hopes it continues inspiring others to lend a hand.

Students felt good about helping out others in their community.

"I get to shovel people's driveways and do good things for other people," said student Tate Manthey.

Kylie Danker agreed.

"I think it's really inspiring to help others if they're at work or if they can't," said Kylie.

Superintendent Fineske says the initiative is an extension of what students in the district are taught in the classroom.

"Our kids are great kids and they like to do good things for other people and service learning is a big part of what we preach in our classrooms, helping others that will help you, and it's important and I think our kids are showing a good example of that today," said Fineske.

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