Police uncover multiple dogs found in 'deplorable' condition

Police uncover multiple dogs found in 'deplorable' condition

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police found more than 30 dogs and puppies living in "deplorable conditions" Thursday night in north Toledo.

According to Toledo police, the discovery happened during a drug raid by Toledo Police SWAT and Vice/Narcotics Sections at 3114 Chase Street. The raid was a part of an annual blitz to honor Detective Keith Dressel.

Once inside the home, they uncovered more than 30 dogs and puppies.

Toledo police say feces covered the residence. Officers describes the scene as the worst living conditions they have seen.

Police reported they were attacked by multiple dogs, five of which were shot by officers during the operation. All five were killed.

No officers were injured during the operation.

Police say there was a woman inside the house when police raided it, however no charges have been filed.

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