Private plow companies prepare for winter storm

Private plow companies prepare for winter storm

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Much of the viewing area is expected to see major snowfall Friday.

ODOT and City crews aren't the only ones getting ready to clear roadways and parking lots. Private plow companies are gearing up as well. The snowfall is welcomed by these companies who didn't see much snow in the past couple years.

"We're excited. Its been a dry spell. We have a lot of money tied up in snow removal. When you go a couple years not doing much its exciting to make some money and get to work," said PJ Kapfhammer, the co-owner of Maumee Bay Turf Center.

Kapfhammer and his crew at Maumee Bay Turf Center are getting their fleet of 30 trucks ready to plow businesses across Northwest Ohio. Before those trucks hit the roads each gets a tune up.

"Preventative maintenance. Nothing is broke but anything that looks like it might fail or break during the storm we are fixing now," said Kapfhammer.

Their job isn't finished when the snow ends on Friday. Kapfhammer and his team will work well into the weekend to finish clearing.

"Usually we get 4-5 hours of snow. This one looks like it will be all day. We will still be working 12-18 hours after it snows."

Friday's snow doesn't scare this plow truck team. They've been doing this for over 20 years.

"We've seen it all. Its stressful but you break it down and do it in sections. We'll get through it," Kapfhammer reassured.

Crews will work around the clock on rotating shifts to get their contracts complete.

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