Biggest snowfall expected in three years to hit the area

Biggest snowfall expected in three years to hit the area

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Heading into Friday's storms, our local municipalities would rather be safe than sorry.

Since this is expected to be the largest storm we've gotten in at least three years, many folks are wondering, if we are ready.

Officials from across the area are confident that they are prepared, and some are even looking forward to it. Northwood City Administrator, Bob Anderson, is not worried.

"We've been through this many, many times, and I'm sure we'll get through this one again, so it doesn't look like it's life threatening, this one. It's going to be a big inconvenience, but it's going to happen close to a weekend, so we should be just fine," said Anderson.

To make sure people are fully informed, the City of Toledo held a press conference with the mayor and other local officials. The message was clear: We are ready to weather the storm.

They also want to warn residents, however, to be extra cautious.

"We think there will be at least four inches and that is, you know, that's a significant amount, but we're, you know, we're going to be okay. We're used to this. We're Toledoans. We are not residents of Miami (laughter) who freak out when they see a snow flurry. We're going to be okay," Mayor  Wade Kapszukiewicz said. 

"We're going to stay on shift until we make it through this. Right now we're looking at the storm lasting pretty much through the weekend, so it'll probably take us a good portion into the beginning of the week to get it all cleaned up," said Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Commissioner of the Toledo Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor.

Major arteries will be the focus for the plows, followed by the rest of the streets once the snow stops falling

If the weather gets too bad, trash trucks won't be able to make their rounds and it may be best to pull your containers back in so they don't get buried or hit by plows. If trash collection is delayed, crews plan to be caught up by Tuesday, pending any further weather systems.

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