Area school superintendents take much into consideration for possible school closings due to weather

Area school superintendents take much into consideration for possible school closings due to weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The snow is coming, and local school districts are preparing for possible delays or closings.

Toledo Public School's leader said around 4:30 a.m. is when they plan on starting looking around at the roads across the district.Then, they'll start communicating with other schools nearby about the conditions, with their two priorities being safety for students and communication to parents.

Leaders are keeping that in mind that  a lot of TPS students not taking a bus or having a ride to school.

"We take it into consideration a lot because we are neighborhood schools so we have a lot of walkers, a lot of the side roads could be very much of an issue. If you see the main roads that are clear, a lot of the side roads are not. So, we consider all of that as we go through it," said Jim Gant, the Chief of Staff for Toledo Public Schools.

Dr. Adam Fineske, the Superintendent of Sylvania Schools said communication is important in events like this, adding it's vital when parents are making plans for the morning. He said obviously the district's main concern is student's safety.

Fineske plans on making some sort of decision by 9 p.m. Thursday, whether that is closing, delaying, or holding off until Friday morning.

"I have already this year called a delay on an evening where I knew weather was starting and the prediction was there and it was firm, I can't guarantee that I would do that, but it's something I have done in the past and it will depend on the forecast later today," said Dr. Fineske.

Other area superintendents said they know they'll have an early morning on Friday, taking a look at the conditions of the roads before the buses are up and running.

Another district north of Toledo, Bedford Schools, posted on its Facebook page, saying leaders plan on evaluating as early as 5 a.m., but, the district has reached its limit for cancellations.

Any additional closings could add extra days to the school year, but leaders say, this won't factor into the decision Friday.

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