Toledo emergency crews preparing for big winter storm Friday

Toledo emergency crews preparing for big winter storm Friday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Just like schools and street crews Toledo emergency crews also need to be prepared for tomorrow's storm.

When the flakes start falling and the morning commute begins, Toledo Police expect they will be operating in a phase two. This means officers will only respond to injury accidents. And even though overtime and extra crews have not been assigned yet, officers say they are ready for anything.

"Watch commanders may hold units over or call crews in early depending on how the day goes," explained Sgt. Kevan Toney with TPD.

Over at the Toledo Fire Department, they have beefed up staff in the communication center to handle the high volume of calls for help expected. Any meetings and training have been canceled for the day Friday, but manpower at the fire stations will remain the same.

"We are going to start with a wait and see attitude and as the day progresses we will make adjustments as needed," said Private Sterling Rahe with the Toledo Fire Department.

Despite TFD and TPD being prepared for Friday's storm, they said Toledo residents can still help them out by making their job easier by staying off the roads try to run those errands Thursday night so the roads are clear for them on Friday.

But despite the potentially snow covered and slick road, TPD and TFD said you can rely on them to respond to your emergency without delays.

"This is kind of where we thrive. We are an emergency service provider. This is what we do and we do it in all phases of weather and this is just another day for us," said Rahe.

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