Popular Bowling Green sledding location closed for the week

Popular Bowling Green sledding location closed for the week

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - A popular Bowling Green sledding spot is closed this week.

If you've ever been sledding in BG, chances are you have gone down Conneaut Hill a time or two.

There hasn't been any sledding this week though. The city closed the hill Monday because of the giant elm tree at the bottom of the hill. A city arborist inspected it. The tree is cracking and needs to be cut down.

"We have been monitoring the tree for several years now. There are severe structural cracks. The city has cabled some limbs in effort to save the tree or prolong its life." Joe Fawcett of Bowling Green city management said.

The cables can't save the tree so it will need to be removed this week, but it isn't the end of the road for the old elm tree.

"It is our plan to salvage some of the wood to make benches to put at Conneaut hill that people could use while watching their kids sled or at the soccer fields," Fawcett added.

Residents in the neighborhood behind the park are sad to see the tree go, but happy it will live on as park benches for everyone to enjoy. Sledding on the hill will resume in a couple of days.

"Our goal is to open it back up in time for the weekend. hopefully Friday afternoon. we want to get the hill open as quick as everyone else but we want to make sure it is a safe environment," Fawcett explained.

The fresh snow forecasted for Friday will welcome back sledders to Conneaut Hill this weekend.

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