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More than just the winter blues, you could have S.A.D.


Gloomy days on top of frigid temperatures don’t exactly put a smile on Tammy Cook’s face.

“Just blah. I’m ready for summer.”

She said the conditions make her feel pretty low.

“There are days when I get depressed. Cause it’s so cold and gray.”

Cook isn’t the only person that feels that way.

Dexter Clarke is with the Genesee Health Plan. He works with patients every day dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D.

Clarke said it’s a serious mood disorder that requires intervention.

“Basically, you see it for the most part during the early fall into the winter and it lasts through early spring.”

There are signs and symptoms to watch for if you or someone you love is suffering from S.A.D.

“When it’s depression that goes on for the majority of the day, and it’s every day, and it goes beyond a couple of weeks. When you start having a loss of interest in things you used to love to do.”

Clarke wants people to know that help is available and this disorder should be taken seriously.

“Some of the forms of treatment is having a light box to try and emulate more sunshine, and taking vitamin D supplements.”

Clarke said along with treatment, the best cure is to keep yourself busy and to interact with other people.

He adds wintertime related stress like driving on icy roads and picking up the slack for sick co-workers can add even more pressure for suffering individuals.

As for Cooke, she’s looking forward to brighter days.

“I hope we get some 50, 60-degree weather. That would be awesome. Hopefully, spring comes on time.”

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