Local family's adoption story going viral

Local family's adoption story going viral

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - A local family's adoption story is going viral. The Palmer's of Perrysburg have been featured by Love What Matters and People Magazine.

Tyler and Mandi Palmer have been through a lot.

Tyler served our country in Afghanistan and came home from his second deployment with PTSD. Mandi has Crohn's disease and has gone through dozens of surgeries to repair blockages.

The pair knew they wanted children and tried for years to get pregnant.

"After failed pregnancy test and failed pregnancy test, I talked to my doctors," Mandi said. "They were still hopeful, but I realized quickly that I couldn't gain weight. So I'm like, 'how am I going to be able to carry a child?'"

Mandi and Tyler say God had other plans.

"We kept hearing the cry for foster parents in our area," Mandi explained. "So we talked about it and prayed about it and we signed up for the classes."

The week they got licensed, they got the call. It was time to pick up Hunter. Just eight days old, these new parents quickly fell in love.

"I looked at Tyler and said, 'Tyler. that's him.' And we went over and looked at him and I just bawled," Mandi recalled.

Now at 18 months old, Hunter is officially a Palmer. Mandi and Tyler say, that it is exactly what was meant to be.

"There's something when I hold him, I can't put words to and it's the best medicine and therapy," Tyler said.

Mandi and Tyler are giving Hunter a chance at life and in turn, he has made their life whole.

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