Perrysburg abruptly in search of prosecutor after council meeting

Perrysburg abruptly in search of prosecutor after council meeting

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Some controversy Tuesday at the Perrysburg City Council meeting.

The city's mayor Thomas Mackin, a lawyer himself, recommended his first appointment in the city for prosecutor. The mayor nominated Chynna Fifer, who he says was well vetted and supported by legal council in and out of the city, including their current prosecutor.

During the council meeting they went into executive session to discuss the appointment that conversation taking a total of an hour and fifteen minutes. When the council reconvened they voted down Chynna's recommendation with a vote of 4-3

The city's mayor voiced his frustration with the vote during the meeting and the politics that played a role.

"On a personal note I am disappointed that nobody had the courage to speak to the administration prior to this vote," said Perrysburg Mayor Thomas Mackin. "That's your choice to do that."

The current city prosecutor, Marty Aubrey, served in the role of city prosecutor for 30 years. After hearing the vote he walked up to the council table and slammed his prosecutor badge in front of the current city council president.

Aubrey was expected to retire from his role in March, but did so early.

The mayor says they now have to look for an interim prosecutor as soon as Wednesday.

Mayor Mackin also said he still believes Chynna Fifer is the best choice for the job and she is not ruled out for the position, despite Tuesday's vote.

The council could reconsider her recommendation.

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