Perrysburg Council votes to move forward on a second fire station

Perrysburg Council votes to move forward on a second fire station

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - For years the West Indiana Fire Station in Perrysburg has been the only one, but those days are numbered.

Getting a second station is something that's been proposed for years to adjust to the city's growth and volume of calls and with Tuesday's vote,,e that is one step closer to being a reality.

Perrysburg City Council voted 7-0 to authorize bids for a second fire station on Fort Meigs Road. Something several are excited about.

The field that currently sits along on Fort Meigs Road, where the former Perrysburg Township Fire Station sat, will be changing and according to city leaders soon. It will become a state of the art fire department equip with teaching space and will be classified as a cancer prevention station to prevent cross-contamination for firefighter. Leaders have worked on a second location for years due to the city's growth and high volume of calls.

"We have a fantastic community here," said Fire Chief Rudy Ruiz, Perrysburg Fire Department. "Safety services are solid, the schools are top notch, so the people are coming. We want to make sure we have sufficient safety services to provide that level of care for our folks."

The entire design development is estimated at $9.89 million. That estimate covers the whole project from land purchase, to studies and build. The price tag though, is something that originally brought concern to some members of the council, but those questions were put to rest according to the council president after a presentation from the Chief.

"My concern was we're paying too much for what we're getting and that's no longer a concern now," said James Matuszak, Perrysburg City Council President.

Neighbors believe council's yes vote was the right move for the city.

"I am very much in favor of this," explained Carol Shapard, a Perrysburg resident. "I know it's a large budget item, but as a long-term resident of Perrysburg it's what we need."

Council's vote to move forward to construction bids was met by applause from firefighters.

Chief Ruiz said at this time they will not hire additional staff or purchase new rigs for the second station, but he believes this is the first step to providing better protection to the community.

"We have documentation that we've been trying to work on this since 1969," said Chief Ruiz. "So all that coming to fruition now and we're just at a fantastic time right now. We're all excited."

City leaders expect bids to go out for the construction by the end of the week and are hopeful to break ground on the Fort Meigs Road fire station this April with hopes of turning the key in 2019.

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