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Whiteford Township close to finish first drinking water project since Flint Water Crisis

(Source: AP Images) (Source: AP Images)

Clean, safe drinking water is a concern not just for customers of the City of Toledo but communities just across the stateline

Whiteford Township in Michigan is roughly halfway through embarking on the first drinking water project since the Flint Water Crisis. 

The township supervisor, Walt Ruhle, said the $9.5 million project is worth it because water is such an important commodity

The township broke ground on the site for the pumping and filtration station back in June. 

On Tuesday, Ruhle said all of the main lines are in and the building is going up. 

The population of roughly 200 homes will use about 135,000 gallons of water a day and this new system could potentially pump out three times that. This means not just residents will see the benefit, but this could be a great jump to build more economic development for the township.

"Exit one we already have sewers and when we get water over there, and we have the industrial park there. That land is available, open and ready to go. I can't imagine people aren't going to jump at it," Ruhle explains.

Ruhle said they have until the middle of June to complete the project. Then they'll have 60 days to produce portable water that is acceptable to EPA standards. 

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