Are rumors true that road salt supply is depleted?

Are rumors true that road salt supply is depleted?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Rumors have been flying around that there is a shortage of road salt in the midwest.

At the beginning of the season, the Ohio Department of Transportation said that there was plenty of salt. However, given those rumors, WTOL 11 went to their facility, as well as local commercial companies, Tuesday to see how they are holding up.

Our area is on track with the average amount of snow that was anticipated for this year.  Despite the weather, hardworking professionals work around the clock using every tool they have to get the roads clear and safe to drive on every time.

Steven Fuzinski, CEO for Green Sweep Snow and Ice Management, one of the area's largest outfits, explained why his company is not worried about the amount of snow this winter.

"Right now, I think we're at 23 inches, we average about 36. I mean, we'd need a good 50 inches of snow before there would be a problem, which could happen this year, I mean it could, and then I don't see a huge problem, but there could be some limited supply," Fuzinski explained. "But the professionals who do this, they're not going to run out."

In the past there has been trouble with pricing going up on necessities like road salt and snow shovels later in the season for those who were not fully prepared.

ODOT explained that salt prices are based on supply and demand. Despite this year's demand, there isn't a shortage, in part, due to the fact that our area has had a built up supply.

As long as it is stored properly, salt can be stored for years, doesn't go bad and there is plenty of space designated to store it.

Many larger organizations, including ODOT, have contracts with their suppliers to set the price of the salt for the season in order to protect them from getting hit on the price. It also gives the supplier a good idea of what will be ordered.

There is a limit on what can be ordered at that price, but the threshold for a price increase is much higher than the average demand. The salt can also be stored for years if need be, so there is no hesitation with ordering as much as they can store, which is literally tons.

"We do not have a risk of running out," Rebecca Dangelo, Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2 said. "Our facilities all have multi-ton storage available, so they do have reserves. We can get through the next couple storms at any given point. But then we do get the extra through the weeks as well from our supplier."

In case you want to stock up for yourself, company spokesperson for Home Depot, Savannah Huddleston, also confirmed that they are not going to run out of rock salt and other related products.

"We are fully stocked at all of the Toledo Area stores," Huddleston said.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about being stuck indoors because the roads cannot be tended to.

There is plenty of salt available to take care of the snow and ice and it is not going to be a problem in the foreseeable future.

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