Money Talks News: How to save on entertainment

Money Talks News: How to save on entertainment

Money Talks News - Having fun with your family can be expensive but there are some creative ways to have fun for less money.

Here in America, we often tend to think that a big-time requires big bucks. However, you can have a super time and a super savings account, too.

Experts say the single best way to save on entertainment is to let the deals decide.

There are any number of websites that offer half-price deals on everything from plays to cooking classes, so why pay retail?

Do you like movies? Try an off-brand theater, as they are often cheaper. You can also pick up discounted movie tickets on Amazon or at warehouse stores.

When it comes to dining, hit the web for coupons and gift certificates to save money. If you like a drink or two also, take in a wine tasting or happy hour and have some free food.

Enjoy live plays or concerts? Check out your community events calendars as lots of towns and some universities put on events that are really cheap, sometimes even free.

If you like live sports, check out amateurs. The parking's a lot closer and the hotdogs are way cheaper.

Still bored? Head to the superstore of entertainment freebies: The library. They have everything from free language classes to e-books, music downloads, even free movie rentals.

One last idea: Volunteer. Whether you build a home or work an area event, you will have fun and feel good.

The bottom line is entertainment and expense do not always have to go together. You can have both fun and funds.

If you need some more tips, there are dozens waiting for you at the Money Talks News website. Just do a search for "Entertainment."

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