Sylvania City Council discusses Memorandum of Understanding, TAWA

Sylvania City Council discusses Memorandum of Understanding, TAWA

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Water rates are in jeopardy of tripling in the Glass City if communities don't get on board with the Toledo Area Water Authority or TAWA.

Sylvania City Council discussed Monday night, the Memorandum of Understanding signed by it's mayor last week.

Sylvania's decision impacts more than just the neighbors. If they were to say no to TAWA, and instead build their own water treatment plant, rates would see a significant hike. And that means, if TAWA then doesn't work, Toledoans could see their rates triple

Sylvania is just one of nine member communities, but the reason it is such an important piece to the puzzle is because of the city's access to the West basin of Lake Erie.

Sylvania has the ability to break off forming its own water treatment plant if city council decides TAWA isn't the best option.

Whether Sylvania joins or not, Mayor Craig Stough said don't expect a drop in your rates. He said after years and years of talks, now is the time to do this.
He added that this move makes sense for a safe, reliable water system with fair rates for everyone moving forward.

"I think we all have a chance to win on this one if we can find a way to cooperate we have a Memorandum of Understanding that puts out a blue print for that. There's still challenges and a lot of work to do but it is by far the best path for the city of Sylvania and also for the residents of northwest Ohio," said Mayor Sough.

A public hearing for Sylvania residents is set for their March 5th meeting at 6:30 at the Municipal building

Mayor Stough said, if they still have unanswered questions after that, they might have to wait until their meeting a few days after the March 15th deadline to approve this.

Other communities will continue discussing this over the next 40 days.

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