ODOT gets prepared for upcoming snow

ODOT gets prepared for upcoming snow

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - All the snow from Sunday didn't catch ODOT off guard and they're already gearing up for the forecasted snow coming later in the week.

ODOT crews were in early Sunday morning to pretreat the highways before the snow began to fall. That helped plow drivers stay on top of the snow levels as they accumulated, especially in the construction zone on I-75 in North Toledo, where there isn't much room to push accumulated snow.

Since then, drivers have been on 12 hour shifts to maintain the roadways.The state budgets in plenty of flex overtime dollars to make sure they can keep a full staff in on these 12 hour shifts because they know the snow won't always fall in an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. window during the week.

"Unfortunately this week it seems we are going to get a couple inches here, a couple inches there throughout the week. So, we are going to keep staying on 12 hour shifts until all of those events are complete," said Rebecca Dangleo with ODOT District 2.

ODOT also wants to remind Northwest Ohio drivers that these snowfalls are projected to come in overnight, so you should probably plan ahead for your morning commute to be a little delayed.

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