Jeep Wrangler ads during the Super Bowl enjoyed locally

Jeep Wrangler ads during the Super Bowl enjoyed locally

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you were watching the big game Sunday night, there is a good chance you did not miss the commercials.

Hometown favorite, Jeep, had a couple of good ones to hit during the coveted time slot.

One of the popular Super Bowl commercials of the night featured actor Jeff Goldblum paying homage to the role he played in Jurassic Park twenty-five years ago.

Local jeep customer, Mohammed Abdallah, enjoyed the commercials as a part of Sunday night's televised game.

"The Jurassic Park one reminded me of my childhood. Late 1990s, early 2000s," Abdallah said. "It's kind of cool you know, it was definitely a great commercial."

Samuel Hogan was out shopping for a Jeep Monday, as well, due in part to he ads.

Speaking about the Jeff Goldblum ad in particular, it left a lasting impact on Hogan, and he has a great memory of how it progresses.

"He does this weird thing where he reverses and ends up chasing the dinosaur, so it was really good," Goldblum explained. "Greatly televised, and now I'm kind of interested in one of the Jeeps."

With the newly remolded 2018 Wrangler already set to make waves, those commercials are an exciting promotion in Toledo.

Those at the Jeep dealership did not get a preview, so their first time viewing the ads were during the game along with everyone else.

Locally, those at Yark Automotive were thrilled to see that much anticipated ads were so well received.

Jake Mallett, New Car Sales Manager at Yark Automotive, also enjoyed the new ads.

"It inspired me so I could see how it would work for customers," Mallet explained. "I mean, me watching it, I was overall really impressed at how everything was done. It was just well thought out and I think that's going to drive a lot of traffic into our stores."

Many are excited to see how this promotional material affects attendance and sales for the auto show, which is coming to Toledo later this week.

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