President Trump's visit to Cincinnati gives residents mixed emotions

President Trump's visit to Cincinnati gives residents mixed emotions

CINCINNATI, OH (WTOL) - President Donald Trump paid a visit to a small manufacturing company just outside of Cincinnati. Folks just down the street had mixed emotions about his visit.

"Why do all these old broads stand out here in the cold why? Nobody's paying us! We're standing out here because we are concerned," said Judy Foreman, a Cincinnati Resident.

Concerned because they believe this administration is unraveling the civic threads that tie us all together.

"It's upsetting that those young men over there think that it's a game. It's tragic, it's really tragic," Foreman adds.

Across the street from Foreman and others, were a half a dozen of Trump supporters wearing Make America Great Again Hats, many of whom aren't old enough to vote.

"Wanted to show support for president he's doing a good job employment low figured we give him extra encouragement," said Shawn, a 16-year-old.

"So I came out here with my friends just to see. I've never really been to a big protest before so I just want to see what all the fuss was about," explained 17-year-old, John Feldkamp.

Foreman standing across the street from John and Shawn said she's concerned because the younger generations are out of touch with what it means to protest for change.

"Moving forward even if we disagreed we moved forward we talked I mean now you just don't feel like there's much of a conversation well there's not," said Foreman.

One local florist down the street from the Sheffer Corporation said the only way to move forward is to truly care for one another.

"You know I'm more of an independent but I will show respect and you know that's what people need to do it boils down to showing respect one another and listening instead of shunning," said Megan Schneeman, with Adrian Durban Florist.

Regardless of party affiliation, Megan said having a president visit Blue Ash is a once in a lifetime experience.

And while the president was here, first lady Melania Trump was visiting Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

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