Have your furnace checked, prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Have your furnace checked, prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - It was the story of a Perrysburg family's near death experience that had many of us running out to the store to buy carbon monoxide detectors for our homes.

Those detectors are important to alert you if levels of carbon monoxide get too high in your home. However, preventing the release of that toxic gas all together is key to your families health and safety.

The Killbride's Perrysburg home filled with levels of carbon monoxide that should have killed them as they slept. The cause, the furnace's air exchanger, stopped working.

Tim Dudderar with J and J Heating and Air came to the Killbride's rescue after their furnace released carbon monoxide into their home and discovered the cracked heat exchanger.

It is something that can happen to anyone but it is also a problem that can be caught before it is too late with a regular furnace maintenance check.

"I think in the United States last year, over 400 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning, well over 20,000 hospital visits for the same thing," Dudderar said. "So, it is an expense you really cannot put off or you should not."

J and J recommends regular maintenance every other year on your furnace if it is under 10 years old. However, if your furnace is over 10 years old, a regular furnace check should be done every year.

While the excuse is always time and money when it comes to things like regular maintenance, Dudderar said his technicians will be in and out of your home within an hour and only charge you around $100.

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