TFD first responders respond to powerful Superbowl Ad

TFD first responders respond to powerful Superbowl Ad

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A powerful Super Bowl Ad was shown that highlighted first responders receiving thanks and gratitude from those they saved.

The first responders at Fire Station 5 in downtown Toledo said while receiving praises from those who they have saved is meaningful, they don't require a "thank you."

"We don't do it to expect a 'thank you.' We do it because it's our job. It's always nice and a surprise when we get a thank you," said Joe Zuber with TFD.

And when someone does seek them out, it's encouraging.

"There is a reinvigoration. I think it makes you stand a little taller," Zuber added.

Back on December 22, 2014 at HCR ManorCare, the lives of the first responders and the victim that they saved, were brought together and changed forever.

"We had a 48-year-old female in cardiac arrest. She was dead on the floor," explained Zuber.

After 30 minutes of CPR, the crew from 5 finally got a pulse. Days later, Lynne Davis awoke from a coma.

"They have done something for me that no one else could have done. If not for them, I would not be here. That is the honest truth," said Lynne.

Lynne and her family believe that a "thank you" will never be enough. They have now forged a friendships with Lynne's rescuers.

"It's touching because every year on the 22nd, her husband texts us and say it has been this many years you saved my wife," said Zuber.

"It's amazing to me that they go to work every day and do this all the time and wonder if they know how much it means to others because if they didn't do this for me, my family would look a lot different today," Lynne said.

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