Fremont resident appears on 'Price Is Right'

Fremont resident appears on 'Price Is Right'
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LOS ANGELES, CA (WTOL) - A Fremont resident made his way on stage in Monday's episode of the 'Price Is Right.'

Dean was the fourth person asked to "come on down" in the show's opening, but he did not stay on Contestant's Row long.

Dean made the winning bid on the first item up, a laptop computer. Dean danced his way up on stage and proudly announced he was from Fremont.

He then had the chance to win a new Ford Focus, in the game of Cover Up. The object of the game is to pick between several numbers and fill in the digits of the price of the car. He got four of the five numbers right, but did not win the car.

Dean did get a chance to make it to the Showcase Showdown on the Big Wheel. He spun the wheel once, but it did not go all the way around. His second attempt also did not make it all the way around.

During his third attempt, he took part in the hallowed tradition of giving a shout out to family members. In his case, he said, "Hello," to his wife and two daughters. When the wheel stopped, it landed on 80 cents.

However, the very next contestant beat him with a 90 cent score.

Despite not winning the car of the Big Wheel, Dean proudly represented northwest Ohio with boundless energy and enthusiasm throughout his appearance.

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