Super Fitness Weigh Loss Challenge: February Weigh-In

Super Fitness Weigh Loss Challenge: February Weigh-In

(WTOL) - Monday is the second mandatory weigh-in for the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.

You have been doing a great job working out a couple days a week and cutting those calories! I know it can get tough, but this is the month that you need to increase and decrease: Increase the workout days and decrease those calories.

If you have been working out since October, then it is time to add tougher exercises and more cardio. See a Super Fitness Trainer if you need some ideas.

If you have been making healthy changes in your meal plan, this is the month you add in a few new recipes and really make the commitment to get rid of those "comfort" foods you couldn't let go of right out of the gate. Things like diet soda, too many carbs, too many cheat days, eating too late at night.

I throw those "comfort" food thoughts out there because I know we all have those things we keep eating and find all kinds of ways to justify keeping them on the grocery list.

We are heading into Lent, so put those on the list of things to give up! You are making progress, so keep making those small changes.

Here is your calendar for the next two months:

  • February 5 - Mandatory Weigh-In
  • February 6 - Group Workouts
  • February 17 - Total Body Challenge
  • March 5 - Mandatory Weigh-In
  • March 6 - Group Workout
  • March 10 - Skyzone Challenge

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